Available for free download and use.

Download Installer:
Win32: obj2dts_inst.exe
OSX: Not Available

Obj2dts is a very quick and easy dts creator for the Torque Game Engine platform, accepting the widespread .obj 3D file format. I created this tool to satisfy my need to quickly see my 'works in progress' in engine from applications without exporter support. I was frustrated with the hassle of setting up an export in many of the current .dts exporters as they have varying level of support themselves (mostly limitations of the modeling tool SDKs, not the exporter coders). With obj2dts, I can sketch on a model in Zbrush or Silo, export a quick .obj, drag it onto the shortcut and it quickly builds a compliant .dts ready to view. No setup hassle, no bounds mesh issues, just easy .dts creation.

The obj2dts tool is feature complete for exporting static (non-animated) meshes. It allows detail levels, multiple meshes, multiple textures per mesh, mesh sorting, billboards, detail textures, reflection textures, and even tri-strips the exported dts files.

The set up for a .obj to .dts is very simple:
1. Create a mesh in any 3-d modeling tool that supports exporting the .obj format.
2. Name it mymesh2.
3. Save as obj.
4. Drag and drop the .obj onto obj2dts shortcut.

BLAMO! The .dts and build .log files will be created for you with the same base name as the .obj file. Just load the new .dts shape into your show tool or game and you are ready to go!

Obj2dts is amazingly fast for quickly dropping meshes into the Torque Game Engine, but there is a lot more you can do with this tool . Find out more information on use of Obj2Dts below:

Setup: infomation on how to set up the many various options for export
Commandline: command line use instructions
The .obj format: information about what obj2dts uses in the .obj format
Troubleshooting: tips on troubleshooting your exports

Example .obj and .mtl files:
simpleOBJ.zip: illustrates some basic use of Obj2Dts