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Jameson Bennett's Portfolio

Below are some examples of professional and personal work. Please check out my Curriculum Vitae / Resume to see my full experience list and qualifications.


Department of Interior Architecture at UNCG

This web site was designed for to meet accessability standards and built for easy maintenance by web masters, without need for a server-side support. Calendar script coded for easy hand maintenance of data.


Interactive Flash

This site is a composite of interactive flash research and development.

Software Development


The Lenticular Image Creator software is developed using the Java programming language and available with installers for both OSX and PC.



This tool is designed for converting the common .obj 3d format to the .dts Torque game engine format. Available for free download and use.


Development of a game development tool using genetic algorithms and neural nets.

Project Management


May 2003 - February 2005: Developed 2-d and 3-d assets, websites, designed and developed software, build management systems and web based tools, and managed all technical development for the Laaphysics and 3DM-Lab projects.