Jameson has a new site at JAM3SON.COM! You should go there, instead. This stuff is old news...

Jameson Bennett's Info

Along with doing web and interactive development at Willow Creative Group located in downtown Cincinnati, I am now currently pursuing my art, including printed digital visual media, lenticular imaging, and new forms of multimedia including my passion for the new art technologies in game engines. I have opened a digital art gallery on Main Street in Over-the-Rhine to showcase some of my work and work from others I find inspiring that has been developed or influenced by digital computers. Along with that, you can find links to other work I have done recently below.

Curriculum Vitae

Please check out my Curriculum Vitae / Resume to see my full experience list and qualifications.

Real Time 3-D/ Artificial Intelligence

I have spent time recently working with genetic algorithms and neural nets, picking up on research I was working on at the end of my undergraduate studies. I have made great progress on creating a goal based neural net driven framework for game developers to use for real-time AI creation by 'training' the neural nets using a reward/punish feedback system rather than tedious and error prone coding. More to come as this product is put to the test and rounded out for general use.

Also, I have developed a tool for easy migration of 3-D assets to the Torque Game Engine. It is available for free download and use. You can check it out along my current work with the Torque Game Engine here.

Lenticular Image Creator [LIC]

I have developed a lenticular imaging software that allows creation of animated and 3D images printable on normal ink-jet printers. With fantastic support by the full staff at MicroLens.com I have been able to create a fully featured application for interlacing images for use mounting behind lenticular lenses at any size required. The LIC software is available for free download and use for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.


Visit my portfolio to see various examples of my past work.


You can visit my old loud site here. It's got some great examples of Flash interactive design work.