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Concept Jewel Gallery

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Concept Jewel is a contemporary art gallery located in Cincinnati's historic Over-the-Rhine. It has been founded focused on an exploration of digital and new media art.

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July 27 - August 24, 2007


Turbulence is stochastic and chaotic flow. For this show I created two sets of compositions, both dealing with water in different forms, that illustrate the natural progression from order to chaos.

Interestingly, the progression of chaos is what allows us to perceive the progression of time. We see time moving forward directly due to the continuous movement of our universe from uniformity to disarray. This progression relates to the constant struggle living creatures have to move against chaos and maintain our organization as organisms.

My intention for these works was to create imagery from specific photography taken at times in my life that I directly recognized the turbulent nature of our lives and how we remarkably create our own sense of order within the incredible chaos of reality.


Vapor V

16" x 20" Lenticular Print