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Curriculum Vitae

Jameson Bennett
1425 Main Street Apt 1R
Cincinnati, OH 45202
web url: http://www.conceptjewel.com/

Professional Experience:

Freelance Multimedia Developer, Software Developer and Graphic Designer

Experience with a wide variety of professional graphic design and multimedia development ranging from large scale print to low bandwidth Macromedia Flash and Director development. Clients include Universal Studios/Paramount, Las Vegas Travel and Entertainment Bureau and Northstar Travel Media.
Currently developing an artificial intelligence framework for use with Garage Games' Torque Game Engine using genetic algorithms to modify neural networks that control game 'agents'. This software will allow game AI behaviors to be trained by a game player rather than programmed by a coder. Applications for this technology range from racing game and other sports AI to animal and human behavior modeling and creates natural and convincing actions to game events.
Developed software to allow artists to easily integrate their 3-D work into the Torque Game Engine using the widespread .obj file format using a simple 'drag-n-drop' tool. Converts various 'flavors' of the .obj 3-D file format into an optimized 3-D polygon model ready to be used in-game. Available as a free download at: http://www.conceptjewel.com/torque/obj2dts/
Developed software for interlacing animation or 3-D imagery for lenticular images: Lenticular Image Creator (LIC). I was motivated to create LIC as no decent interlacing solution existed for the Mac and the Windows solutions were expensive ($500+) and somewhat feature limited. LIC is developed using Java and available as a free download for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux: http://www.conceptjewel.com/lic/

Interactive Media Designer/ Programmer, Willow Creative Group, Cincinnati, OH

Creation of interactive media design and development websites with Flash and other interactive media technologies. Development of production quality websites following web2.0 standards.

Interactive Media Designer/ Programmer, Metaphor Studio, Cincinnati, OH

Creation of interactive media design and integration into B2C and B2B websites with Flash and other interactive media technologies. Development of production quality websites following web2.0 standards from client approved prototypes. Backend programming on innovative CMS using Java(J2EE) and other web technologies.

Graphic Design Instructor, Antonelli College, Cincinnati, OH

Instructor of Graphic Design foundations and advanced subjects. Teaching subjects range from basic design, typography, color theory and internet technologies such as basic web fundamentals and advanced web software.

Technical Project Manager, LAAPlatform, Greensboro, NC

Managed the Art and Technical Development of three federally funded grant-based projects with a staff of eight programmers and five artists.
Coordinated team meetings between content authors and software coders/visual designers as well as scheduling tasks for all teams. Submitted detailed graphical and written reports on progress to grant Principal Investigators.
Designed and managed the production of several web sites ranging from purely functional web-based tools to front-end marketing 'web brochures'. Ensured web sites maintained accessibility standards and cross-browser compatability.
Designed and managed development of an art pipeline for 3-D assets such as textures and polygon based models using 3DS-Max, Cinema4D, Blender, Photoshop and Bodypaint. Managed the implementation of 'modeling' pedagogy for physics curriculum into a 3-D virtual world using a customized 3-D game engine in both visual assets and physical dynamics engine software development.
Designed and developed a Java, XML and SQL based back-end server to support a Macromedia Flash and Director multimedia learning environment. Created various coding and visual assets for Director, Flash and Java in both 2-D and 3-D.
Implemented and maintained software codebase repositories along with web-based tools for maintenance, builds and reports. Designed, implemented and managed a software build cycle that included testing, fully automated builds of installers for both Mac OSX and Windows platforms along with a web interface to manage these builds.
Implemented and managed web, email, development and production servers. Servers ranged from FreeBSD, Macintosh OS9 and OSX Server. Management included design and implementation of fail safe back-up scheme for all digital assets.
All projects were built on and emphasized low to no cost 'open-source' solutions due to the limitations inherent in grant-funded projects.
More information on this project can be found at http://www.laaplatform.org.

Manager, Digital Design Studio, UNCG, Greensboro, NC

Managed a lab of 30 Apple Macintosh machines using both OS 9 through the transition to OS X. Developed expert problem solving skills in cross-platform issues.
Designed and implemented strategies for automatic system and software installation and user data backup. Consulted with faculty and students on design and technical issues in a wide variety of software including Final Cut Pro, Macromedia Flash, Director and Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and GoLive and many other supporting applications.
Maintained color management and consulted with student and faculty printing issues on wide format ink-jet and laser-based printers.

Office Equipment Technician, Sinopoli Sales Company, Greensboro, NC

Troubleshot and maintained office equipment, including copiers, printers, personal computers, typewriters, calculators, and fax machines. Maintained inventory of supplies for repair. Managed repair and maintenance schedule for several technicians.

Data/Weapon Systems Technician, United States Navy

Troubleshot issues and maintained data and weapon systems on board several destroyer and cruiser class vessels over three Persian Gulf and Mediterranean deployments. Top secret clearance.
Responsibilities included maintaining a multi-million dollar inventory of spare parts, scheduling and performing maintenance and managing a team of eight persons clearing electrical discrepancies throughout the ships wiring. Received several awards and two medals for accomplishments in these areas.



Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design, Computer Science minor, Cum Laude
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC

One of twenty-three students out of five thousand to receive the 'Student Excellence Award' for achievements in undergraduate research. Received two highly competitive Undergraduate Assistantship grants for research in artificial intelligence and visual design.

Xerox Electronic Imaging Technician School, Virginia Beach, VA

United States Naval Data Systems Technician 'A' and 'C' School, Mare Island, CA

Graduated first in class for both training schools. Received third highest graduating score given since 1978 for Data Systems Technician 'A' school.




Expert knowledge of Mac OS X and Windows environments including intricacies of both operating systems for software installation, license management and updating. Very familiar with command line use and scripting languages for automation such as AppleScript and Windows Batch files. Experienced in OSX digital design lab management.


Fluent with design and composition workflows for 2-D, 3-D and time-based media.
Practical and teaching knowledge of the following software applications:
Multimedia: Flash, Director, Torque Game Engine
Visual design: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
3-D: 3dsmax, Cinema4D, Maya, Zbrush, Blender, AutoCAD
Digital Video NLE: Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Premiere, iMovie
Video Encoding: Quicktime, Windows Media, Divx, MPEG2 (DVD) and other video format encoding and web distribution.
Sound Editing/Creation: Reason, Cubase VST, Soundforge
Digital to Analog: Familiar with color issues, management and calibration for digital print along with digital and analog screen based formats. Familiar with several processes for translation of digital media to analog (silk screen, lithography).


Advanced coder using current and advancing object oriented design techniques, model oriented software development and Unified Modeling Language (UML) for communication of software design.
Fluent in C, C++, Java, JavaScript, ActionScript, Lingo, SQL and XML schema design.
Very comfortable working with raw HTML, Dynamic HTML (DHTML, AJAX, JavaScript), CSS, XML and internet communication protocols such as SOAP and RSS. Familiar with many different editors and development environments such as Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, XCode along with strong text editor and command line skills.
Well versed in current web accessibility standards and current web development strategies for cross-browser, cross-platform and hand-held devices. Avid follower of current web, email and interactive media trends, technologies and best practices.
Equally comfortable with software development for OSX and Windows Platforms including system registration and installer development.
Strong supporter of open source and low cost solutions for software development. Knowledgeable in open source licensing issues for software use in development and integration into commercial products.